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Call a NERD!

To schedule a service appointment,
please call 416-293-NERD (6373),
or Toll Free @ 1-866-294-NERD (6373),
or email us at

To get REMOTE SUPPORT immediately, please click on the following link to download the Nerds 4 Hire remote support installation file, and follow the installation instructions to get connected to a remote support technician RIGHT AWAY!!.


*Remote Support rate:
Flat rate pricing, please call for rates.

Definition: A technician fixes your computer issue over the internet.

*Drop-off rate:
Flat rate pricing, please call for rates.

Definition: You bring your computer to our location.

*Standard On-site rate:
$149.99 1st/hr (plus tax)

Definition: A technician comes to your location.

*Emergency On-site rate:
$189.99 for the first hour, and $149.99 per/hr for every additional hour (plus tax).

Definition: On-site requested within a 4 hour period.

*All rates are billed in 1hour increments, and all services are quoted before any work is done*

-Discounted Corporate plans available,
-Senior citizen, and student rates also available, please call for pricing.

Some of the Nerdy services we offer to Consumers, and Businesses:
-Windows & Macintosh consultations
-Laptop, and Desktop Repair, Support, and Maintenace
-Virus, Spyware/Malware removal, and prevention
-System Cleanup, and Maintenance
-Software purchases, and Installation
pr4hpf7y2dcdkcyhk6yb2g922 -Hardware purchases, and Installation
-Data recovery
-Data transfer, and migration
-Data backup
-Data loss prevention
-Operating system installation/repair (Windows/Mac)
-Network Construction/Maintenance/Security
-Router setup, and management
-Modem setup, and managent
-Internet setup and instruction
-wifi setup for all your devices
-Upgrades or replacement of computer hardware
-Printer troubleshooting (including all-in-one devices ie..printer/fax/copier)
-Storage device setup, and instruction
-Mobile device setup(laptops, cellphones, smartphones, tablets)
-Gaming system setup(Wii, Xbox360 with Kinect, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS3D)
-Home Multimedia system setup and instruction
-........and much more.
Please call for a complete list of our services.

To inquire about a FREE quotation on any of our services,
call 416 293-NERD(6373) ,Toll Free @ 1-866-294-NERD ,
or email us at:

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